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Dealing With Growing Out My Hair

This is basically how I feel about my hair 1/2 the time. This hair you see here is my current, as of today hair… and let me assure you, for me, this is long. For the past 6 or 7 years, I have had my hair in various supershort pixie, fauxhawk, and partially shaved styles. I really want to grow it out, and the scissors are a hard, hard habit to kick. I feel like a drug addict sometimes. I have been growing my hair for about 6 months now, from the shaved on the sides do I was sporting during Burning Man. Allow me to give you a little overview of what I started with and the past 6 months:

Copyright Ryan Laurita, 2011

This is about what it looked like right after Burning Man. It went through a couple color variations, which fried it. I chopped off the top and bleached it all blond… and then decided I wanted to go black. I switched it to dark brown right after that, then after only 2 months, I stripped/bleached it and dyed it bright red. After only about a month, I abandoned the red and dyed it back to black. Here is a brief overview:

Now let me tell you, my hair has had a 2 month rotation of color change for the last few years. It has been every bright color except orange and green, with variations of mixtures/streaks of that, as well as every shade of “natural” colors under the sun too, from white blond to blue black. So this is actually a pretty good run for me. I have to say though, I consider myself to have fallen off the growing-out-my-hair wagon with the dying. I have sworn off it – for good. The red hair was fun and pretty, but it did fry my hair. I have trimmed it 3 times in the last 6 months, with my current shortie short bangs being the most recent. Kinda regret that, but it is helping to watch them grow slowly. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So does being able to make teeny ponytails, and have my hair actually blow around in the wind. And the sides actually cover my ears when I don’t tuck it back! I CAN TUCK MY HAIR BEHIND MY EARS!!!

Just to let you know, before I chopped my hair, it was waist length and beautiful. I have really thick, long hair. Here is me in a wig that matches what it looks like long and my natural color:

So that is my goal. Nice, huh? In my weak moments when I see a girl with a really cute pixie do’, I cruise the internet reading commiserating stories on blogs and threads of other girls growing out their hair. It actually really helps! And I have absorbed all the advice about buying cute hats, hairbands, clips and whatnot. I usually don’t wear hair bands, but lately my hair is at a super cute length to wear with them. I figured out how to make my own to accessorize my outfits. I made a tutorial for the one I am wearing here… quick and easy.

Anyways, it is a long, hard road. I have given myself the goal of July before my next trim… my hair should be grown out about 2 inches by then. Sigh! My eye is on the prize though… long, healthy natural hair. Man, is it gonna be awesome. If anyone has any hair-growing woes, stories or encouragement, I would *love* to hear them.


Cute Ruffle Skirt, Disney Inspired Makeup

I thought it would be fun to post my makeup and outfit of the day. I love! dressing up and putting on makeup, but some times I feel like it is hard to justify doing it every day. Then I realized that I can just do it because I want to, whatever the reason. Life is short. To me, it’s creative and artistic, just like doing a drawing. This blog should be a fun platform to show it off and try new things. Like my makeup today! I was poking around Youtube, looking at the makeup tuts to see if it was something I could do in the future, and I came across this awesome girl Cora’s makeup channel. She has a TON of awesome makeup tuts, but my favorite EVAR is her Disney Rapunzel inspired tutorial.

Also cool, this was right before I switched my blog over to WordPress, and low and behold, she has a blog on here too – Vintageortacky.I really like her makeup tuts, she is super cute and does really fun makeup styles. Also, she changes her hair all the time. Just like meeeeee! XD

Inspired by Vintageortacky's Rapunzel tutorial.

I used her tutorial to do my makeup today. I used some different colors, and my crown points aren’t as defined as hers but I loooove it! So pretty and different.

I love artistic and expressive makeup. It’s like art for your face!

It was the perfect makeup to match the cute punky little skirt I made yesterday. I made it out of a ankle length maxi skirt, super quick and easy. It took about 45 minutes. I have made a few of these skirts out of junk store finds and it is a fun and easy way to make a unique, one of a kind skirt. I think they are slightly costumey, which is great for me. I want to feel like I *could* be living in a fairy tale. I made a tutorial for how to make a skirt like this here!

See how cute! It is all ruffles in the back, like a modern bustle skirt. Purple leggings,slouchy boots, and my little black biker jacket are the rest of the outfit, because it is COLD as heck in Denver today!!! Typical early spring, it was glorious enough to leave the back door open yesterday, but 30 degrees today.

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