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Screw You, American Bra Companies.

A while ago, I started doing research into bra sizing and how to find one that fit me better. I got my boobs done a few years ago and it really did not occur to me that bra fitting would be an issue, since I had only ever chosen bras to make me look like I had boobs, not because they fit. Well, it turns out Western bra sizing, much like all ready-to-wear, does not cater to different shapes. My current ribcage measurement is 28, and my bust measurement is 37. The closet size I measure for in Western sizing is a 32 DD, but the cups often don’t fit, the band is loose, and my back hurts frequently. But after bumming around the internet, I ran across this adorable girl Brittany’s blog, Thin and Curvy. She has this problem, albeit by natural means, and decided to write a wonderfully informative blog about it. She has a very different measurement system, one which makes much more sense to me. She also has a lot to say about the standardizing of bra sizes, which everyone is shuffled whether they actually fit into those sizes or not. But the best thing of all is, she reviews and provides links for European bra companies that make bras in a larger selection of sizes. Using her measuring guide and recommendations, I ordered a few bras by Freya off of Ebay, for some very nice prices. ( like 13 to 20 bucks prices!) I ordered size 28 FF – my first one arrived today and yep, it fits great. No gapping at the center, it lies flat against my ribcage. The underwire fits all the way around and the band is a perfect close fit. And, its PRETTY!! It is the Nancy model.  Here is what it looks like: (not me in this pic 😉

So yeah, I’m pretty happy. I’m never going to settle for American fit bras again, and I won’t have to spend a ton of money to do it either.


Falsies and Foundation Upgrade

The post I really want to write is on hold right now, since I haven’t gotten the pics back from the photographer yet. But I figured I would share my makeup happy for today. I finally graduated from drugstore foundation to MAC foundation. Not that drugstore stuff hasn’t been good to me, I have been using it pretty successfully for the last 15 years or so. However, I have some serious persistent dark under eye circles that I have been struggling with, and no drugstore concealer has been able to handle them. Also, I want perfect, smooth, porcelain skin just like Dita Von Teese. I want skin that looks like it’s been ‘shopped IRL. Or the next best thing. Soooo, after reading a bunch of online reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and buy MAC products. Normally I am too cheap to spring for higher end brands, but sometimes you have to get the good stuff. Anywhoo, I settled on trying the Studio Fix foundation after some online researching, and I figured I would find a concealer to match when I visited the makeup counter.

I drove to the local Macy’s and asked the girl at the service desk where the MAC counter was located. She replied, “I’m sorry? I don’t know what that is, I’m new here.” Whaaaat?!? Who the blazes doesn’t know what MAC is? And why did they put this poor girl at the service desk? Anyhoo, I clarified that I was looking for makeup and she directed me upstairs. I got the Studio Fix Fluid I wanted in NW18, and then tried out some concealers. But I didn’t like any of them the girl showed me. She finally hesitantly showed me the Studio Sculpt Concealer, but told me ” It’s really heavy duty… like for covering tattoos.” Yes! That is what I wanted. I want a tattoo concealing level of coverage for my face. LOL! Actually, I have really good skin. I just really like it to be PERFECT. Anyways, now I am set up and I have to say, I freakin LOOOOVE this stuff. Look at that pic! Perfect. That was natural light. Fabulous.

Now for the falsies that I just got.

These are what I grabbed today offhand at Target… Ardell Duralash Starter Kit. I love false eyelashes but man are they a pain. And I consider myself a makeup toughie. My eyes are short so I always have to trim them. The glue is goopy and yucky. They always seem to want to pull off at the ends… maybe I have a wierd eye shape? But I love the look of them. I like to look dramatic and made up all the time. So I saw these and for 10 bucks, thought I would give them a try. It says they last a few weeks, which I am skeptical about. But I usually wash and reuse my lashes a few times so even if they don’t, there is enough to last me forever. But the idea of individual lashes instead of on a strip is intriguing. Below is what my lashes look like with nothing on them:

I glued the individual lashes on as per the instructions, using one set of longs for the outer corner, 3 mediums for the arch over my eye, and one short towards the inside. I stopped just over halfway because I like an elongated eye shape and I don’t like more lashes at the inside corner of my eye. They were easy enough for me to glue on, I placed them at the base of my natural lashes, just at where they meet my eyelid. I didn’t use the tweezers they recommend, it is easier for me to use my fingers.

Here is what they look like on, but with no mascara over. I have to say, they look super natural. My husband had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him his opinion.


But natural is boring, so I coated them with my current favorite mascara, Maybelline Lash Stiletto. Yes! That’s what I want. Huge, dramatic lashes. Looks-wise, I love these things. I read some reviews online from girls who said the weight bugged them, but I don’t even notice it. I am pretty used to wearing a lot of eye stuff. We will see how well they stay put through me washing my face and sleeping on them.

They look way more natural than strip lashes when I close my eyes, but just as dramatic! Sweet.

Glorious perfect skin and dramatic eyelashes, happy Rachel is happy!

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