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Dealing With Growing Out My Hair

This is basically how I feel about my hair 1/2 the time. This hair you see here is my current, as of today hair… and let me assure you, for me, this is long. For the past 6 or 7 years, I have had my hair in various supershort pixie, fauxhawk, and partially shaved styles. I really want to grow it out, and the scissors are a hard, hard habit to kick. I feel like a drug addict sometimes. I have been growing my hair for about 6 months now, from the shaved on the sides do I was sporting during Burning Man. Allow me to give you a little overview of what I started with and the past 6 months:

Copyright Ryan Laurita, 2011

This is about what it looked like right after Burning Man. It went through a couple color variations, which fried it. I chopped off the top and bleached it all blond… and then decided I wanted to go black. I switched it to dark brown right after that, then after only 2 months, I stripped/bleached it and dyed it bright red. After only about a month, I abandoned the red and dyed it back to black. Here is a brief overview:

Now let me tell you, my hair has had a 2 month rotation of color change for the last few years. It has been every bright color except orange and green, with variations of mixtures/streaks of that, as well as every shade of “natural” colors under the sun too, from white blond to blue black. So this is actually a pretty good run for me. I have to say though, I consider myself to have fallen off the growing-out-my-hair wagon with the dying. I have sworn off it – for good. The red hair was fun and pretty, but it did fry my hair. I have trimmed it 3 times in the last 6 months, with my current shortie short bangs being the most recent. Kinda regret that, but it is helping to watch them grow slowly. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So does being able to make teeny ponytails, and have my hair actually blow around in the wind. And the sides actually cover my ears when I don’t tuck it back! I CAN TUCK MY HAIR BEHIND MY EARS!!!

Just to let you know, before I chopped my hair, it was waist length and beautiful. I have really thick, long hair. Here is me in a wig that matches what it looks like long and my natural color:

So that is my goal. Nice, huh? In my weak moments when I see a girl with a really cute pixie do’, I cruise the internet reading commiserating stories on blogs and threads of other girls growing out their hair. It actually really helps! And I have absorbed all the advice about buying cute hats, hairbands, clips and whatnot. I usually don’t wear hair bands, but lately my hair is at a super cute length to wear with them. I figured out how to make my own to accessorize my outfits. I made a tutorial for the one I am wearing here… quick and easy.

Anyways, it is a long, hard road. I have given myself the goal of July before my next trim… my hair should be grown out about 2 inches by then. Sigh! My eye is on the prize though… long, healthy natural hair. Man, is it gonna be awesome. If anyone has any hair-growing woes, stories or encouragement, I would *love* to hear them.


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