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Falsies and Foundation Upgrade

The post I really want to write is on hold right now, since I haven’t gotten the pics back from the photographer yet. But I figured I would share my makeup happy for today. I finally graduated from drugstore foundation to MAC foundation. Not that drugstore stuff hasn’t been good to me, I have been using it pretty successfully for the last 15 years or so. However, I have some serious persistent dark under eye circles that I have been struggling with, and no drugstore concealer has been able to handle them. Also, I want perfect, smooth, porcelain skin just like Dita Von Teese. I want skin that looks like it’s been ‘shopped IRL. Or the next best thing. Soooo, after reading a bunch of online reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and buy MAC products. Normally I am too cheap to spring for higher end brands, but sometimes you have to get the good stuff. Anywhoo, I settled on trying the Studio Fix foundation after some online researching, and I figured I would find a concealer to match when I visited the makeup counter.

I drove to the local Macy’s and asked the girl at the service desk where the MAC counter was located. She replied, “I’m sorry? I don’t know what that is, I’m new here.” Whaaaat?!? Who the blazes doesn’t know what MAC is? And why did they put this poor girl at the service desk? Anyhoo, I clarified that I was looking for makeup and she directed me upstairs. I got the Studio Fix Fluid I wanted in NW18, and then tried out some concealers. But I didn’t like any of them the girl showed me. She finally hesitantly showed me the Studio Sculpt Concealer, but told me ” It’s really heavy duty… like for covering tattoos.” Yes! That is what I wanted. I want a tattoo concealing level of coverage for my face. LOL! Actually, I have really good skin. I just really like it to be PERFECT. Anyways, now I am set up and I have to say, I freakin LOOOOVE this stuff. Look at that pic! Perfect. That was natural light. Fabulous.

Now for the falsies that I just got.

These are what I grabbed today offhand at Target… Ardell Duralash Starter Kit. I love false eyelashes but man are they a pain. And I consider myself a makeup toughie. My eyes are short so I always have to trim them. The glue is goopy and yucky. They always seem to want to pull off at the ends… maybe I have a wierd eye shape? But I love the look of them. I like to look dramatic and made up all the time. So I saw these and for 10 bucks, thought I would give them a try. It says they last a few weeks, which I am skeptical about. But I usually wash and reuse my lashes a few times so even if they don’t, there is enough to last me forever. But the idea of individual lashes instead of on a strip is intriguing. Below is what my lashes look like with nothing on them:

I glued the individual lashes on as per the instructions, using one set of longs for the outer corner, 3 mediums for the arch over my eye, and one short towards the inside. I stopped just over halfway because I like an elongated eye shape and I don’t like more lashes at the inside corner of my eye. They were easy enough for me to glue on, I placed them at the base of my natural lashes, just at where they meet my eyelid. I didn’t use the tweezers they recommend, it is easier for me to use my fingers.

Here is what they look like on, but with no mascara over. I have to say, they look super natural. My husband had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him his opinion.


But natural is boring, so I coated them with my current favorite mascara, Maybelline Lash Stiletto. Yes! That’s what I want. Huge, dramatic lashes. Looks-wise, I love these things. I read some reviews online from girls who said the weight bugged them, but I don’t even notice it. I am pretty used to wearing a lot of eye stuff. We will see how well they stay put through me washing my face and sleeping on them.

They look way more natural than strip lashes when I close my eyes, but just as dramatic! Sweet.

Glorious perfect skin and dramatic eyelashes, happy Rachel is happy!


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