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To Heck With This, I’m Making All My Own Clothes From Now On

So, I’ve come to a revelation. Allow me to elaborate – for the past two years I have been pretty unhappy with my wardrobe. I just couldn’t put my finger on it… I have always loved clothes and fashion and it isn’t hard for me to create a cute outfit. I usually have tons of cute clothes in my closet. I figured it out, however… it is a combination of things. First, I got my boobs done a few years ago. I’m not even gonna go into an explanation of my motivations for that, because well, it’s my business. But the point is, I have been shopping for my old body all this time. I used to wear just any old thing, because everything off the rack fit so it was never an issue. But I realized… now I have an hourglass figure… and some styles just don’t flatter that! Wierd…. but anyways, I also have very un-commercial friendly measurements now. I measure 37-25-37, and well…. most manufactured clothing doesn’t fit. If it fits in the waist, it doesn’t fit in the hips and bust. Also, I’m tall, and smaller clothes are sized in the waist and shoulders for shorter women. Compounding this, I’m cheap and I like to thrift and get things on sale… I am not going to go out and buy a lot of expensive things. And on top of all this, my style has changed. I don’t want to shop in the juniors section and wear jeans and knits… I want to wear grown up, glamorous vintage clothing.

So I made a big decision. I am not going to buy clothes anymore. I am going to make everything. I am a pretty good seamstress, and whatever I don’t know how to make, I will learn. I can work up to a wardrobe of all custom fit, one of a kind clothes that I love, not that I own because it was 5 bucks and fits part of me.

Here is my first new wardrobe addition… a dress I made for myself. Cute! My husband loves it and it actually fits well and is flattering. I adjusted the bodice to fit, so it is flattering and sexy but not overt. I feel like I could wear it to visit my son at school.

My dog has to guard me at all times, just in case. He is so funny! Next up, a few more dresses. Then I want to make some sailor pants and figure out some blouses.


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4 thoughts on “To Heck With This, I’m Making All My Own Clothes From Now On

  1. I think about doing the same all the time. I have a very oddly shaped (yet also mostly proportional) body and a lot of clothes off the rack are either aesthetically disgusting to me or they just sort of fit. Amen to you for taking that plunge!

    • It was really refreshing and cool today to walk past racks of clothes and tell myself, “Never again!” It was strangely liberating. I also really dislike the whole baggy, boxy clothing trends. And I am not a fan of empire waists or babydoll styles… they seem to be huge right now and have been for a few years. I highly encourage doing it, wearing my dress out yesterday felt amazing and I got a ton of compliments on it!

  2. I’m a guy, so I know as much about women’s fashion as I do about astrophysics.

    However, the dress looks pretty awesome, and I can’t help but applaud your resolution to not buy any more clothes.

    Can’t help admire it when someone decides to do for themselves, to create something using their own hands.

    I wish I could do the same, but I’ve no talent with seams and sewing.

    Thanks for the post (here and your other blog). 🙂

    • I find that sometimes I have to cross post, my interests collide. Luckily, there is information that is more pertinent to my different blog, so they can be separate posts.
      I have to say, IMO men’s clothing would be more difficult to make that choice with. It’s all dress shirts, slacks and jeans, or knits. Knits would need a serger and although I can make slacks, dress shirts are the devil, and I am apprehensive about jeans. Ties are a cinch though!

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