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My Crazy, Japanese Inspired SteamPunk-Baroque Nail Set

Go ridiculous or go home.

So, this here blog is intended to be the fashion/beauty sister to my main blog, which is all about the various things I make. My first blog is more of a heavy duty tutorial blog that encompasses all of my artistic pursuits. However, I also have a deep and abiding interest in fashion, makeup, hair and beauty… and although I do “make” lots of things that relate to that, the content didn’t seem to fit in there. So, here we go… my first post will show you just what kind of blog this is. I give you insane, Japanese nail art. I have been totally enthralled with the (apparent) trend of having huge chunks of stuff and jewels glued all over fake nails. It’s so… over the top. Sometimes my clothing can ride the fine line between fashion and costume…. but although I love these, I can’t imagine wearing them all the time. The set I made is removable and reusable, for costumes and photo shoots. I love the fantasy-elegance of them… like elaborate jewelry for your fingertips. I will probably wear these with steam punk, gothic and other fantasy type ensembles. I intend to wear them out to a photo shoot next weekend, as a matter of fact… pics will ensue. I didn’t make a proper tutorial, since this sort of thing is sort of one of a kind, but I did take some pictures of the process.And, I made a Youtube video to show them in motion! It is my second ever video, the first one I edited all by myself. ^_^

See how messy I made my computer desk?

First, I painted all the nails grey. I amassed a large selection of gems, stickers, random doodads, little metal bits, feathers, ect. I made each nail one by one, and one hand at a time. I laid them side by side as I went along to make sure they meshed nicely together. I strung chains between the third and fourth finger on each hand, connecting those fingers. To do this, I heated up a pin and pierced the nail carefully, and then used jewelry connectors and fine chain. I used a mix of superglue and craft glue to attach everything. The nails can be worn temporarily by putting a teeny dot of nail glue in the center of each nail… this is enough to hold them to your natural nail, but they are then easy to peel off carefully. They are certainly not something to wear if you want to do anything…. I needed help to do everything. But I think they make a fantastic visual. They remind me of something that would be worn by a society in some sort of fantasy world.


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6 thoughts on “My Crazy, Japanese Inspired SteamPunk-Baroque Nail Set

  1. Woah, wicked as hell. Very fantastical.

    I’ve gotta ask: what’s that carving with all the arms behind you? Is that a door?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • It is a Tibetan temple panel. It shows Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman… it is apparently an ancient and popular Hindu epic. You can look it up online under “The Ramayana” if you like. The temples in India, Tibet and ect have these carved in all different religious tales inside the courtyards, according to the antique dealer they came from. I have two, a matched set.

  2. wow, I don’t know how functional those would be, but they look awesome.

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